School security systems

Security in Schools is of prime importance

Protection of pupils from danger, a secure working environment for staff, and the deterrence and apprehension of undesirables, is one of the most important issues faced by all schools and learning centres.  Property protection is also vital in the school environment because there is always valuable and sometimes irreplaceable equipment stored within its walls.

Child safety is paramount, and the installation of the appropriate security systems to achieve the requisite safety level requires expert knowledge and vast experience of the methods available.

Wakefield Security & Fire are the leaders in school security, safety and protection techniques.

In order to give school principals and parents confidence in our company, all of our engineers have had disclosure checks carried out.  Not a normal requirement, but perhaps it should be!

Our specialist school security design and implementation section is here to advise you on:

Access Control - so important

Schools often have many entrance points, causing vulnerability.  It is important that anyone should be able to leave through any exit, in case of an emergency, but at the same time is is vital that no-one can just wander in.

This problem can be solved by using controlled access. 

We have installed systems in many schools whereby doors are locked from outside access but with easy egress. A time control allows some of the doors to become free entry and exit during break times, where staff are able to keep an eye on things. This system obviates the need for staff to remember to turn the control on and off.  Entry to the premises is normally only allowed at a designated entrance which has a receptionist on duty who can render the inner entrance doors free by using a door release system.  This system can also use CCTV to record visitors.

For safety we connect access control to the fire alarm system so that free access and egress is allowed in the event of a fire alarm activation.


In the event of a threat within the school we have a unique system whereby all internal doors can be locked with just one simple card-swipe by a member of staff, thus restricting movement of an intruder.

School property protection

Computers and other high value items need to be protected from theft and vandalism. A monitored burglar alarm system is vital, and in some cases, this needs to be enhanced by using special security devices to protect items like computer servers. The smoke-screen device is invaluable in such cases, by causing the area of protection to be enveloped in dry ice smoke, which is so dense that an intruder cannot see to carry out an attack.

We  ...   survey ... supply ... install ... maintain ... repair ... advise ... upgrade ... take over ... ALL types of security systems


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Computer linked CCTV CAMERA system for schools

Allows password protected  secure remoteá surveillanceáfromácomputers anywhere within the school complex. 


We are NACOSS Approved

and ISO9002 Certificated
(Quality Standard)



We are very well equipped to maintain and repair any make of system, no matter how old. We can easily update your existing equipment to give it a new lease of life - who knows, a minor adjustment may be all that is required to give you noticeably better performance.



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