Download the client program and remotely view a
LIVE DEMO of Elise CCTV in action.

Temporary Note: SORRY. The Elise live demo is currently unavailable.

The Elise software file you will download needs the WinRar program in order to unpack it.  If you do not have this program already, you should download it and install it before downloading the Elise software.

After you have clicked the download link the following box will appear, choose to open the file.

Once downloaded, (this might take a while depending upon the speed of your internet service), the following screen will appear. Double click the EliseDVR_VClient


 The following screen will open up and the program will then prompt you through the installation.


 Once installed you will find you have the Elise CCTV program in your program files, and the Elise Icon on your desktop (Icon optional choice when you set up the program)

 Desktop Icon

 Start the program by clicking on the Icon or choosing the “Elise Video Client” from your program files.


 The above screen will appear

Close-up view below

 In the Host name box type  and click connect


 The box will expand to show log on areas. In the name area type “demo” and in the password area type “demo” Click logon and you’re connected.


Choose the camera numbers at the bottom of the screen to view live images

  And click the screen layout buttons at the bottom right to adjust the picture layout

 This program is so easy to find your way around we decided not to provide any more instructions and just let you experiment, but if you need any assistance please call us.


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